Fee Definitions

Fee Definitions

Activity Fee –This mandatory fee is established by the Student Government Association to support student activities.  The current year activity fee can be found here.

Admission Fee –This $25 non-refundable fee is paid by students applying for admission or readmission upon submitting an application.

Advance Deposit –An advance deposit is required upon acceptance of the offer of admission.  Upon request, this deposit is transferable to a revised admission date within one year upon the approval of the Director of Admissions.

Audit Fee –Students and residents of the region may audit certain courses for $50 with the permission of the course instructor.  Students who audit a course do not receive credit for the course.

Building Fee –This is a mandatory fee paid by all students to support the operating costs and debt service for the Alumni Hall Student Center. The current year building fee can be found here.

Credit by Exam Fee –Undergraduate students wishing to receive credit by taking an examination will pay one third of the undergraduate fee per credit.  The fee must be paid and approval from the Dean/Provost received prior to taking the examination.

Deferred Payment Fee –Students may choose to defer payment up to one half of the balance due for approximately seven weeks after the start of the semester by paying a $50 fee.  The balance due is defined as the total charges for the current semester, less approved financial aid.  Accounts with balances after the original payment due date automatically incur the $50 fee.

Duplicate Diploma Fee –The fee for a duplicate diploma is a $25.

E-check Return Fee –A $5 fee is charged for each e-check returned by the bank for invalid account information.

Education Fee –This is a mandatory fee paid by all students to support high-cost programs, labs, and academic equipment. The current year education fee can be found here.

Fitness Center Fee –All undergraduate, degree-seeking students are assessed this mandatory fee to support the debt service and operating costs of the fitness center.  This fee is optional for graduate and non-degree students to use the fitness center.  The current year fitness center fee can be found here.

Freeze Fee –This fee is assessed to freeze tuition for students who are eligible to freeze their tuition rate for the completion of their undergraduate degree.  It is 1% of the per credit tuition rate set by the State Board of Governors and is included in the tuition charge.  This fee begins with the fall 2016 semester.

Health Fee –Primary medical care is provided to registered full-time and part-time students while the university is in session.  This is a mandatory fee.  The current year health fee can be found here.

History 3390 Course Fee - This flat $220 fee is attached to course HST 3390, American Civil War and Reconstruction.  The fee is used for a required overnight trip to Antietam/Gettysburg, PA for a required field trip.  This will cover the cost of the the hotel room, transportation, food and guides at the battlefield.

Instrument Rental Fee –A $30 fee is assessed when a student utilizes any university-owned or university-maintained instrument for any whole course or part of a course.  This includes university instrument usage in ensembles (marching band, orchestra, etc.), teaching methods courses (Woodwinds Class, Brass Class, etc.), and general education courses (MU 1109 Basic Group Guitar).

Late Payment Fee –A late payment charge will be assessed monthly if a student's account balance (net of financial aid) is not paid in full at the end of the deferred payment period (approximately seven weeks after the start of the semester). The amount of the late fee charge is proportional to the account balance.  Click here for late fee chart.

Music Lesson Fee –The music lesson fee will be assessed at $200 per credit for music courses MAP-2000 and above for undergraduate students and on courses MAP-5000 and above for graduate students.

Returned Check Fee –A $25 fee is charged for each check returned by the bank.

Student Teacher Supervision Fee - $100 Flat fee attached to course number ED 4400, ELE 4400, and MU 4400

Studio Art Fee - This is a $25 per credit fee attached to various art courses to cover the cost of consumable art supplies used in the classroom

Technology Fee –This mandatory fee is paid by all students specifically to increase the investment in instructional technology.  Part of this fee is given back to the students each semester to use as "Print Cash" used to print documents at printers on campus rather than use their own money to print.  Print Cash is non-refundable and does not roll over to the next semester. The technology fee is non-refundable upon withdrawal from the university or course.  The current year technology fee can be found here.

Transcript Fee –Transcripts are $5 per transcript plus $3.26 per delivery/email address payable online at the time of the transcript order.  Transcripts ordering information can be found here.

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Fee –If you have set up a TMS monthly payment plan with our partner Tuition Management Systems, the charge for the plan is $70 and is paid to TMS at the time of set up.