Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates


** Fees and Charges are subject to change without notice

PLEASE NOTE: Active-Duty Military Students - A full refund of tuition will be granted to students of any PASSHE university who are military reservists or members of the National Guard and are ordered to active military service by the President of the United States or the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Other tuition and rate information:

Auditing a Course:

Part-time students and residents of the region may audit a course (attending class and receiving no grade or credit) for $50 with permission from the instructor.  Full-time students are not assessed.

CCFL Charge:

$25 per credit paid by all students taking classes at the College Center of the Finger Lakes, Corning, NY.

Housing & Dining Charges:

All residence hall students are required to purchase a campus meal plan and are assessed dining fees regardless of whether or not they utilize the dining services.

Music Lesson Fee:

The music lesson fee will be assessed at $200 per credit for music courses MAP-2000 and above.

Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver:

You may register for courses offered in the fall, spring, and summer sessions and may either audit the class or take it for credit. You will be asked to complete a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form requiring proof of benefits (copy of monthly check or statement from the Social Security Office). Since only tuition is waived, you will be charged miscellaneous fees associated with the number of credits requested. The Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver is only for Non-Degree seeking, undergraduate courses and does not cover graduate courses or degree seeking students.