Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawing from the university is a very important decision. To discuss the implications of your decision, you must consult with the Registrar's Office in 224 South Hall or 570-662-4202, the Student Accounts Office in 224 South Hall or 570-662-4388 or the Financial Aid Office in 231 South Hall or 570-662-4129. If you would like to discuss personal concerns, please contact the Counseling Center, 142 South Hall or call 570-662-4695. Resident students must also contact the Residence Life Office at 120 Pinecrest, or 570-662-4934.

Students who wish to withdraw from the university may start the process by completing a "Withdrawal from the University Form" which is available by contacting Ruth Hermansen in the Registrar's Office, 224 South Hall, at rhermans@mansfield.edu or 570-662-4204.

Withdrawal from the University is likely to have serious academic and financial ramifications. The following items will be discussed with you by a member of the Registrar, Student Accounts Office or Financial Aid Office upon presentation of the Withdrawal from the University Form.

  • Withdrawing by the last day of classes does not list the term on the academic transcript.
  • Official transcripts may not be released with a hold on your account. These holds include, but are not limited, to student accounts (billing) holds, parking fine holds, library fine holds, athletic holds, residence life holds, and Perkins Loan holds to name a few.
  • A current billing statement will be given to you when you visit our office. The balance may change due to financial aid being returned on your account when the withdrawal form is processed based upon the date of the last class attendance/participation.
  • If you have a balance once the withdrawal process has been completed, you will be asked to set up a payment plan if you cannot pay the balance in full. Contact Dot Rakoski to set up a payment plan at 570-662-4889 or drakoski@mansfield.edu
  • You will be asked to provide your current address and phone number.
  • Return any library materials still in your possession.
  • You will be counseled on how withdrawing from the university will impact your future financial aid, as well as, your current financial aid.
  • Withdrawing from the university prior to completing more than 60% of the semester will result in a change in your financial aid for the semester. This date is calculated by Financial Aid Office based upon federal regulations. Any refunds already received may need to be returned in whole or in part. A calculation will be completed to determine the amount of financial aid that needs to be returned.
  • Any outstanding documentation for eligible financial aid will be requested at the time of your withdrawal.
  • Although withdrawn classes will not appear on the student's transcript, withdrawn courses will count AGAINST academic progress as it relates to financial aid and counts as attempted but not completed credits.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is checked upon readmission. See SAP policy here.
  • If you have loans to pay for your education, the six month grace period to begin repayment will begin immediately upon withdrawal. That is, 6 months after withdrawal from the university, you will need to begin repayment of those loans.
  • If you are called to active duty, we want the withdrawal process to be quick and easy. Just fill out the "Withdrawal from the University" form and attach your deployment papers. Turn both forms into Financial Aid Office in 231 South Hall.

Students who leave the university without properly notifying the university for other than extenuating circumstances (as documented by a physician, counselor, or other appropriate individual) will receive a grade for each attempted course.

All students who have withdrawn and who desire readmission to the university must file an application for readmission.

Students who apply for readmission within one calendar year of the date of withdrawal will have the application fee waived. Students are not guaranteed readmission.

Completion of a "Withdrawal from the University Form" must be done by the last regular class day of the semester not including finals week.

Once withdrawal is complete, the administration will promptly notify all appropriate offices, including the student's advisor and course instructors. On-campus students are responsible for checking out of their residence hall by contacting a Residence Life staff member.

Refund Schedule:

Withdrawal from the University (or all coursework)/Approval To Move Off Campus:

Tuition, housing and miscellaneous fees, excluding the technology fee, will be adjusted according to the refund policy listed below. The Board of Governor's policy states that the technology fee is non-refundable. Dining is adjusted at a weekly rate.


% Refunded
Fall 2017 Spring 2018
100% Aug 28 - Sept 5 Jan 16 - Jan 23
80% Sept 6 - Sept 10 Jan 24 - Jan 28
60% Sept 11 - Sept 17 Jan 29 - Feb 4
50% Sept 18 - Sept 24 Feb 5 - Feb 11
40% Sept 25 - Oct 1 Feb 12 - Feb 18
No Refund Oct 2 - Dec 15 Feb 19 - May 4