Billing Information

Billing Information

Students may conveniently access their student billing online.  Please read all six steps before you try to access your bill. Please pay close attention to step number five. To view your bill, follow the procedures below.

  1. Log into
  2. Enter your Campus Services ID user name and password.  Students can find their Campus Services ID username and password at My Accounts.
  3. Click on the “Current Billing” button to view the latest bill. Click on the "Historical Billing" button to view past bills.
  4. Select the bill term and submit
  5. **This step is new** The bill .pdf file is password protected. You will be prompted to enter a password which is your seven digit student ID with the leading "0".
  6. Please print, save or email the bill for your records. Original bills will be overwritten in consecutive processing runs.


Important Billing Note:

  • If students make changes to their registration, housing and/or dining after the billing process, the changes may impact their current charges. If students are anticipating assistance from their family to cover their charges, students will be responsible for notifying family of any changes they make. To view most recent charges, students should view their account on WebAdvisor and choose "Account Summary by Term".
  • Please review the bill carefully. Verify the student's full-time or part-time status and the housing/meal plan information. Please contact the Residence Life Office at 570-662-4934 with any questions pertaining to housing or meal plan charges.

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) partners with Mansfield University to assist families with payment options. If you would like to pay your education expenses monthly, use the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option offered by our partner, TMS. The payment option is available for a small enrollment fee and includes personal account service and counseling, automated account information 24 hours a day and access to your account through their website

***Note - TMS payment plans are not available for the summer or winter sessions.

Scholarships and Third Party Payments:

Copies of scholarship award letters and/or approvals of payment by a third party must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office to allow adequate calculation of financial aid eligibility. If an account is to be paid by an employer or outside agency which requires university billing, please provide the documentation to the Student Accounts Office. To avoid the deferred fee, payment from scholarships, third parties, or employers must be received by the payment due date.  Also notice from the employer via email will suffice as notice of pending payment.  Employers can email Student Accounts at

Financial Confirmation:

  • Course schedules may be canceled if the prior balance plus 50% of current semester charges are not paid or covered by financial aid by the payment due date.
  • Payment of the minimum amount due, as indicated on the bill, will allow students to use the deferred payment plan and defer the remaining balance due for approximately six weeks for the fall and spring semesters and approximately three weeks for the summer sessions.
  • A $50.00 deferred fee will be assessed for the deferred payment plan option. If payment in full is not received by the payment due date the account will automatically be assessed the $50.00 deferred fee whether the deferred option is your intent or not.
  • A late payment charge will be assessed on unpaid student account balances greater than $100.00 remaining after the deferred due date.
  • The Financial Aid Office is available to help you with your financial aid questions at 570-662-4129. Students may view their current financial aid awards via WebAdvisor.