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Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Veterans Rehabilitation and Employment Services (VR&E) can provide a wide range of vocational and educational counseling services to service members still on active duty, as well as Veterans and dependents who are eligible for one of the VA's Educational Benefit programs. These services are designed to help an individual choose a vocational direction and determine the course needed to achieve their chosen goal.

Assistance may include interest and aptitude testing; occupational exploration; setting occupational goals; locating the right type of training program and exploring educational or training facilities which might be utilized to achieve an occupational goal.

Free counseling services are provided to eligible applicants. However, Veterans Affairs does not pay for transportation to the place of counseling.

If you would like additional information on any of the VA Education programs, please contact the nearest Regional VA Benefits Office or call our national toll free number at 1-(800)-827-1000, or visit the VA Education Service Web Site.

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